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“Car Dealerships Near Me” – Get Your Name Out There

By US Dealer Licensing | September 13, 2018

“Car Dealerships Near Me” – Get Your Name Out There Tired of leading a life where you feel like you are a part of someone else’s dream? How about living yours for a change? Here at US Dealer Licensing, we want you to go through the process. You may be asking yourself, “What do you…

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Auto Exports: Let Your Job Take You Abroad

By US Dealer Licensing | September 13, 2018

Auto Exports: Let Your Job Take You Abroad “Bonjour,” “Hola,” “Cześć,” “Nǐ hǎo,” “Alo,” – All of these and more can become a standard part of your vocabulary. Envision yourself traveling abroad and embracing the diverse cultures spread throughout the world. Have you always dreamed of diversifying your knowledge and expanding your perspective? This dream…

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Small Business, Big Dream

By US Dealer Licensing | September 13, 2018

Small Business, Big Dream Do you ever feel that your life is lacking something? Does it feel as though a piece or aspect has yet to come into play, and you have all of a sudden become very conscious of its absence? You know what the best part is? Having no idea what that thing…

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Living and Breathing Passionately

By US Dealer Licensing | September 13, 2018

Living and Breathing Passionately There’s something about working with your hands that brings a sort of satisfaction to a task. Whether it’s starting from scratch or joining different pieces together, a sense of accomplishment is sure to follow. It may be the fact that you actually see the progression of the task at hand, or…

We were looking to get dealer plates and auction access to start a wholesale auto sale business. We chose to work with US Dealer Licensing because of their great relationship they have with the various car auction facilities and their vast experience and knowledge in the wholesale car industry. They provided me with great advice, tips and updates that helped me refine my business to stay in business. If you are serious about getting a dealer license, then come on in. US Dealer Licensing works great with us, so let them work great with you too.

Miguel, Flayers Auto Sales

I would just like to say that working with Michele at US Dealer Licensing has been a great overall experience. If you are a former dealer from a different state or a new dealer, these people are very knowledgeable and competent, and cannot only answer all of your questions, but get you your wholesale dealers license quickly. If you are considering becoming a dealer, you need to check these people out. I would still be struggling with all the requirements and paperwork were it not for their professionalism and help.

Frank, JP Auto Brokers

I was referred to US Dealer Licensing by an associate that I dealt with from my previous dealer rental. My interactions with US Dealer Licensing have been very cordial. The staff is very knowledgeable about the business of wholesale dealers and the state’s laws. The commitment the staff displays is nothing short of impeccable. I would refer this company to any person or entity starting a new wholesale dealership or an active dealer switching rental offices.

Ed, Nance Auto Sales

I already refer everybody that’s interested to Tina and the gang. They really help in making things go smoothly. I enjoy working with them.

Chidi, Sterling Crown Imports

They’ve done everything they said they would and more, with excellent communication and great people to deal with. I would highly recommend US Dealer Licensing.

Steven, Auto Max Sales, Inc.

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