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How to Get a Wholesale Dealer License in Illinois


how to get a wholesale license in illinois from us dealer licensingBetween all the taxes, regulations, and mountains of paperwork, obtaining your automotive dealer license can seem like a complicated undertaking. Here at US Dealer Licensing, we understand the reluctance to begin this process. That’s why we’re here to assist you with every step along the way. We’ve even helped the majority of our clients get their license within 30 days! Below, we will walk you through the requirements and procedures of receiving your wholesale dealer license in Illinois.

Why Do I Need A Dealer License?

Interested in the business of selling cars? Even casual sellers who are likely to sell multiple cars should consider obtaining their dealer license. The State of Illinois outlines three scenarios in which one would require an automotive dealer license.

  1. Anyone who plans on selling more than five automobiles in one year, including ones sold on consignment.
  2. Anyone who conducts themselves as an employed agent, broker, or intermediary under an authorized automobile dealer or purchaser.
  3. Anyone who markets themselves as an operating or future automotive dealer or seller.

wholesale dealer license requirments in illinois


Which License Should I Choose?

The State of Illinois offers four different types of licenses that are unique to various types of dealers. Outlined below are the titles and descriptions of each of the four permits.

  1. Wholesale Dealer License: Dealers with this license can buy and sell vehicles from other dealers or dealer-only auctions. This license also allows dealers to import and export automobiles overseas. Obtaining this license is the key to jumpstarting your dealership career. The wholesale dealer license also acts as a perfect complement for one of the following permits. In this instance, you can purchase and sell vehicles to and from other dealers with your wholesale license, and sell them to the public under one of the following dealer licenses.
  2. Franchise Dealer License: Under this license, dealers can purchase and sell new and used vehicles. However, the seller must have an agreement with an authorized auto manufacturer to sell new cars.
  3. Used Car Dealer License: This license only allows dealers to buy and sell used vehicles of any make.
  4. Motorcycle Dealer License: Holders of this license are permitted to purchase and resell motorcycles only.
  5. Mobile Home and Trailer Dealer License: This license restricts dealers to the purchase and sale of mobile homes and trailers.

Ensuring that you are applying for the correct license is essential to making sure that you don’t run into any legal issues down the road. US Dealer Licensing is here to provide coaching and assistance when applying for your wholesale dealer license.

How to Apply for a Dealer License

After determining which license is most appropriate for your business, the first step is to obtain your proper dealer documents. You can request an application and informational packet by contacting the Dealer Licensing Section of the Illinois DMV at (217) 782-7817. It’s pivotal that you complete the entire form without leaving anything blank. When producing your application be prepared to present the following documents:

  1. Proof that you’ve completed the dealer training program (first-time applicants only).
  2. Proof that your dealership has good standing with the Department of Business Services.
  3. A Notice of Proper Zoning.
  4. A copy of your lease if you are leasing your location of operations.
  5. Your franchise agreement, this is only for dealers who are selling new cars under the franchise dealer license.
  6. Proof that you possess, or have applied for, a hazardous waste generator number.
  7. A receipt of your criminal background check.
  8. Your Certificate of Insurance that is valid until December 31st. The certificate must contain at least:
  9. Your $20,000 dealer’s bond, or your certificate of deposit.
  10. A State Form RUT-25 per vehicle bought and sold from your dealership.
  11. The following fees:

While this list is expansive, it doesn’t compare to the relief you will feel after finally obtaining your wholesale dealer license. Ensuring that all of the proper regulations and certifications are in order will protect you from making unintended legal infractions in the future. Obtaining your license is a complicated process and shouldn’t be done alone. Here at US Dealers Licensing, we are here to assist you every step of the way by helping you stay organized and referring you to the proper places to obtain your documentation. We can even help you get your license within 30 days! Need more information? Fill out a contact form here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Contact us today to get started on receiving your wholesale dealership license.

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