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That New Car Feel

get a new looking car at wholesale auto auctions The shiny, sleek coat of paint, that smell of new leather, the crisp clicking of the turning signalsure new cars are nice, but they’re also, wellnew.


Is it Really Worth It?


Even though society pressures us to spend the extra buck to purchase the item that is newer and the latest edition of one thing or another, is it really worth it? Purchasing a used car at one of your local used car dealers or wholesale auto auctions can be just as good, if not better!  


No, You Don’t Need to Adapt to Society’s Standards

And Here’s Why…


Below, we’ve provided you a list of essential aspects you need to consider before purchasing a new car. In fact, you may just find yourself considering the pros of a used car outweighing those of that brand new automobile.


  1. Depreciation

This is one of the main aspects that serves as a deal breaker for shoppers. Even though times seem to be changing, the fact that a new car devalues thousands of dollars once it leaves the dealership is still true. Make sure you consider the different price tags and drastic jump that a couple years can have. You may even be able to drive away for cheaper in a slightly older luxury car as opposed

wholesale auto auctions save you money

to a new, standard car. If you do buy a used car, it depreciates at a slower rate than a new car does. That means more bang for your buck!


2) Fees Who Shall Not Be Named

Depending on the state you’re purchasing a car in, they may charge you with state sales tax. That is if you are committing to a new automobile. This state fee does not apply to used cars! In addition to this unspoken-of fee, rate of registration fees are tied to the value of your car. As the value increases, so does the registration fee! One crucial factor taken into consideration when determining the amount required for registration is whether your car is new or not! Depending on the dealer you may even tack on additional fees that you didn’t even know existed. Some fees are shipping charges, destination fees, and “dealer preparation.”


3) Quality Changes

With advances in technology, cars last longer than they did in the past. You can slap on more miles and still expect your car to perform properly. Some used cars even look new! All you have to do is investigate to identify the right car for you!

Is that New Car Smell Worth It?

In the end, it’s your decision to make! Keep in mind, with all the money you saved from buying a used car, you can purchase HUNDREDS of air fresheners. Use your finances in the most efficient manner and visit our local used car dealers or wholesale auto auctions today!